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Anything about money, we got it covered.

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Borderless money transaction empowering people for a better future.

Paymoney links your money to the world, making life much better and exciting.

On the go transactions for any people, anywhere

Seamless payment gateway for people all around the world to handle their money transactions. Paymoney works for both registered & unregistered user.

Multiple Wallets

From Fiat to Cryptocurrencies, Paymoney enables users to transact with any currency accepted worldwide. Handle multiple currencies at the same time, in the same account using wallets.

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Supporting both phone numbers & emails with state-of-the-art 2FA security measurements, Paymoney is here to make a difference.

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Ticket System

Tailored to improve your customer support and experience, our ticket system keeps balance within your business.


Making a difference for millions around the world.

Breaking the barriers of traditional transaction, Paymoney opens the door for you to connect people anywhere with your money.